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The ZdravInform Library of Health Reform Projects is an information resource developed for the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation by the Central Public Health Research Institute (CPHRI). The database update is made by specialists from CPHRI under support of the World Health Organisation (WHO).

The aim of the ZdravInform library is to consolidate results from ongoing and completed Health Reform Projects in the Russian Federation and to disseminate them widely among interested professionals in the health sector of the country.

Latest News
Scientific and practical Internet-conference
12.05.11 | Conferences and seminars
Scientific and practical Internet-conference "Science and Innovations in Medicine"

Member Statistics May 12, 2011.

Number of participants - 198
Students - 15
Professionals - 21
Postgraduate candidates - 28
Ph.D. - 40
Young scientists - 50

Join now! h... More
Global forum addresses solutions to prevent premature deaths
24.02.10 | Health news
24 FEBRUARY 2010 | GENEVA -- The first Global Forum of the Noncommunicable Disease Network (NCDnet) marks the first time WHO has convened key stakeholder groups to address the large-scale and increasing global health and development burden posed by noncommunicable diseases (NCDs). More than 100 peop... More
WHO spearheads health response to earthquake in Haiti
13.01.10 | Health news
13 JANUARY 2010 | GENEVA -- The severe earthquake that struck Haiti and the Dominican Republic has inflicted large-scale damage, including on hospitals and health facilities, and large numbers of casualties are feared.

Immediate health priorities include:
search and rescue of survivors trapped u... More
New HIV infections reduced by 17%
24.11.09 | Health news
24 NOVEMBER 2009 | GENEVA | SHANGHAI -- According to new data in the 2009 AIDS epidemic update, new HIV infections have been reduced by 17% over the past eight years. Since 2001, when the United Nations Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS was signed, the number of new infections in sub-Saharan Afr... More
WHO calls for action beyond the health sector to improve the health of girls and women
09.11.09 | Health news
9 NOVEMBER 2009 | GENEVA -- Despite considerable progress in the past decades, societies continue to fail to meet the health care needs of women at key moments of their lives, particularly in their adolescent years and in older age, a WHO report has found.

Launching the report, entitled Women and... More
Tackling global health risks prevents premature deaths
27.10.09 | Health news
27 OCTOBER 2009 | GENEVA -- Global life expectancy could be increased by nearly five years by addressing five factors affecting health - childhood underweight, unsafe sex, alcohol use, lack of safe water, sanitation and hygiene, and high blood pressure, according to a report published by WHO today.
... More
Childhood vaccines at all-time high, but access not yet equitable
21.10.09 | Health news
21 OCTOBER 2009 | WASHINGTON, DC | GENEVA -- Reversing a downward trend, immunization rates are now at their highest ever and vaccine development worldwide is booming, according to a new assessment released today by the World Health Organization (WHO), UNICEF and the World Bank.

The State of the... More
World Heart Day
27.09.09 | Health news
27 September 2009

Cardiovascular diseases are the world's largest killers, claiming 17.5 million lives a year. Risk factors for heart disease and stroke include raised blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels, smoking, inadequate intake of fruit and vegetables, overweight, obesity and phys... More
Working relationship between the Russian Federation and WHO strengthened
26.06.09 | Health news
26 JUNE 2009 | GENEVA -- Dr Margaret Chan, Director-General of WHO, today met Mr Vladimir Putin, Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, during an official visit to the country.

The visit has seen the strengthening of the working relationship between the Russian Federation and WHO through the s... More
World Health Assembly opens amid concerns about flu pandemic
19.05.09 | Health news
18 MAY 2009 | GENEVA -- The 62nd World Health Assembly opened today in Geneva, as officials from 193 member countries began their annual review of the activities of the WHO and set new priorities for the future.
In her address to the Health Assembly, WHO Director-General Dr Margaret Chan noted that... More
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