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Project: The Voices of Нope

01/01/2003 - 01/06/2004 (ongoing project)

Project goals

1.To contribute to the reduction in the number of young drug users in Ekaterinburg area;
2.Inform and provide legal and psychological assistance to teenagers and their families confronted with drug issues;
3.Improve Ural helplines’ professional consultants’ capacities in all aspects regarding drug issues for teenagers including psychological and social support.


1.Training of advisers of Telephone hotlines to work with teenagers and youth on a problem drug addiction.
2.The edition of the methodical literature in the help to advisers of Telephone hotlines and all what activity is connected with problems drug addiction.
3.Rendering of advisory and information support to services of Telephone hotlines on problems of preventive maintenance drug addiction.
Telephone hotlines and the centers of the socially-psychological help take part In the project teenagers and youth Ural.


Stages of realization of the project:
I a stage (February-March, 2003) the Fact-finding trip of partners from France to Ekaterinburg. Acquaintance to work of the Russian Telephone hotlines.
II stage (April-June, 2003) Development of the program and a technique of telephone consultation on problems of a narcotism among youth on the basis of the analysis of work of Telephone hotlines of France and Russia. Visit to Ekaterinburg French experts for carrying out of consultations, lectures, seminars and trainings for advisers of Phones
III stage (July, 2003) Training of the Russian advisers in France. Studying of an operational experience of services of Telephone hotlines in France.
IV stage (July-August, 2003) Generalization and distribution of the received experience. V a stage (September-October, 2003) Carrying out of the international conference on problems of struggle against a narcotism.
VI stage (November, 2003 - May, 2004) the Edition of the collection of materials « Preventive maintenance of a narcotism: the Russian and international experience ».
VII stage (May-June, 2004) Summarizing of work of the project. Participation in final conference TACIS.
During the project trainings and consultations for advisers of Telephone hotlines will be spent.


  • Sverdlovsk oblast
  • Related Organisations

    Counterparts:   Association France – Oural
    Beneficiaries:   Ural Foundation for Social Innovation (UFSI)
    Financiers:   European Union (EU), EU-Russia Cooperation Programme (formerly known as Tacis)
    Contractors:   no information


    Project Budget

    140 229 Euro.


    This project is characterised by the topics below. Please click on one of these topics to see a list of other projects with that topic.

    Disease Prevention

    Drug abuse

    Education for health


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