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Project: Cross actions between the STD Clinic in Archangels and the Olafia Clinic in Oslo

15/01/2002 - 31/12/2003 (23.5 months)


This project is a cooperation between the Olafia Clinic at Ullevеl University Hospital, the Department of Dermatology and the Department of Microbiology at the University Hospital of Tromsш and Arkhangelsk.

The project will include several steps. First step will need a mutual understanding from the STD Clinic in Arkhangelsk and the Olafia Clinic in Oslo that an exchange of medical expertise will enable both parties to develop the best practices and tools for handling sexual transmitted diseases. In order to accomplish such an understanding, personnel from the Olafia Clinic will want to meet with health personnel at the STD Clinic in Arkhangelsk. During the visit in Arkhangelsk the personnel from the Olafia Clinic should be able to learn and observe the methods of prevention, diagnoses and treatment at the STD Clinic.

The visit of the Olafia Clinic in Arkhangelsk will be a joint visit with the microbiology department in the University Clinic in Tromsш.

The clinical part presents an important basis for establishing laboratory equipment for further strengthens of the diagnoses of gonorrhoea, syphilis and HIV in Arkhangelsk. The laboratory part of the project will be monitored by the University clinic of Tromsш.

The second step will include an invitation for two dermato-venereologists to work at the Olafia Clinic in Oslo for four weeks, to study and experience how the STIs are handled here. For this period an interpreter and a medical adviser will be made available for the two participants, as well as suitable arrangements for accommodation and compensation on a daily basis for meals.

Due to the fact that most of the new medical update are available through Internet and English, the Olafia Clinic could arrange for an update in these subjects provided the two participants understand and speak the English language and will want this sort of training.

If there would be any interest, the project could furnish the STD Clinic in Arkhangelsk with microscopes necessary for diagnosing STI. Working with microscopes is a main issue in the Olafia Clinic.

The project will pay for copies of a compendium for easy diagnoses of STI, produced by WHO Uppsala in the Russian language.

A conclusion of how the project so far is estimated (an evaluation) will take place in Arkhangelsk in September. An evaluation of how the participants view their working period at the Olafia Clinic will be considered important as a basis for planning a possibly further step. Depending on this evaluation, a decision will be made if the project shall proceed with a Norwegian doctor paying a return visit at the STI Clinic in Arkhangelsk.

The project ought to be extended into a still further step, an educational programme for STI and HIV in Arkhangelsk specifically planned for a selected group of dermato- venereologists. As soon as an educational programme in Arkhangelsk is decided on, the Olafia Clinic will contribute to the curriculum.


  • Arkhangelsk oblast
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    Financiers:   Task Force on Communicable Disease in the Baltic Sea Region (TFBS)
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    Project Budget

    23 700 Euro.


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    Communicable diseases


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