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Project: Development of Clinical Guidelines for Primary Health Care Doctors in Women's Health (including CCD, STD's and reproductive health)

01/10/2001 - 30/04/2003 (19 months)


Project will be dedicated to finding, appraising, adopting and disseminating clinical guidelines on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of CD wth main focus on STD. Project will consist of several stages. On the first stage project staff will search and retrive existing clinical guidelines. They will be appraised as for their appropriatness for PHC setting and trasnlated to Russian languadge. Also during this step apprasal of the evidences on which gudelines is based will be made (to ensure policy of recommending only EBM guidelines). Several PHC specialists will be trained in Nordic countries on mechanisms of implementation of clinical guidelines and with nordic partners will review guidelines published in nordic languadges. On the second stages two types of working groups will be set up. One (further called simply working group) will consits of PHC specialists and narrow specialists in infectious diseases and STD (dermatovenerologists). The task for this group will be to review existing guideines found on first step, assess theirs appropriatness for Russian setting with main accent on PHC, entify uncovered area and write parts of the guidelines that deemed to be included. Also general structure of the guidelines will be adopted. The second type of the group (further called focus group) will consist of lay public (women attending PHC clinic). The task for this group will be to assess patient recommendation in guidelines for their cultural appropriatness. Also discussions should show validity of treatment regimes for lay public and understanability of the langudge of recommendation. After work of the groups will be completed raw product - clinical guidelines for PHC specialists on CD - will be created. After that a training seminar with participation of specialists fromBaltic and Nordc countries will be organized. This seminar will serve further refinement of the clinical guidelines after discussion with PHC speialists from Russia and other BSTF countries. After seminar project will have completed product that will be published and distributed to the PHC institution in NW region of Russia. Final follow-up after distribution (by phone or mail) will show usefulness of the guidelines and help with further revisions.


  • Saint-Petersburg
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    Financiers:   Task Force on Communicable Disease in the Baltic Sea Region (TFBS)
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    Project Budget

    48 746 Euro.


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    Communicable diseases


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