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Project: Work places HIV/AIDS education in Russia

01/05/2004 - 30/04/2007 (36 months)

Project goals

Reduced level of employment-related discrimination against persons living with or affected by HIV/AIDS, reduced HIV/AIDS Risk Behaviours Among Targeted Workers


1) 11 workplaces adopted a written policy on HIV/AIDS where they demonstrated their commitment to support national efforts in combating HIV/AIDS and accepted concrete obligations in terms of non-discrimination on workers and job-applicants based on their HIV status, access of workers to prevention education, Voluntary Counselling and Testing;
2) 11 workplaces received technical assistance in developing and implementing workplace education programmes, including peer education, communication campaigns, special events (e.g. World AIDS Day) etc.
3) Regional project coordinators sensitized over 800 unions’ representatives on the ILO Code of Practice, workplace prevention and workers’ rights.
4) Regional employers’ unions representatives briefed on the ILO Code of Practice.
5) Two regional tripartite commissions in the pilot regions (Murmansk and Moscow regions) adopted a decision (decree) on HIV/AIDS workplace issues.
6) 48 tripartite commissions from other regions of the RF have discussed the Code and adopted their own decisions in line with the National Declaration.
7) Tripartite constituents from federal and regional level proposed ideas for a national sustainability plan on February 9, 2007 (these proposals can be found in a separate report available from the National Project Coordinator).


  • Moscow oblast
  • Murmansk oblast
  • Related Organisations

    Counterparts:   no information
    Beneficiaries:   Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation
    Financiers:   US Department of Labor
    Contractors:   International Labour Organisation (ILO)

    Project Budget

    949 320 US Dollar.

    Additional information

    Name of the responsible project coordinator and contacts: Ms. Irina Sinelina, National Project Coordinator, ILO MOSCOW OFFICE Petrovka 15, apt.23 tel. (495) 933-58-90, fax (495) 933-08-20


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