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Project: Treatment, care and support of patients with HIV/AIDS

25/01/2005 - 30/09/2006 (20 months)

Project goals

- organization of teams (work groups) to analyze the situation, determine the size of improvements and maintain their implementation in the directions:
-help coordination
-Involvement and retention of patients in the help system
- Optimization of help to patients with combined infection
- Clinical help and adherence building
- provision of access to information and expert support (Center of informational resources)
- increasing professional skills of specialists (Partnership program, workshops on different issues, trainings, round tables)
- forming and maintaining territorial strategy in relation to improving care to HIV-infected (Coordination Council)


1 Performed comprehensive analysis and description of systems to help patients of the purpose group
2. Formed propositions to improve practice and provide comprehensive (coordinated) help, which are implemented in the form of a new practice.
3. Organized practice of social support and coordination, peer counseling
4. Determined model of screening for TB and provision of preventive treatment of TB in HIV-infected
5. Developed model of a large-scale involvement of patients into ARV therapy and maintaining adherence to therapy
6. More than 200 specialists are trained on contemporary methods of counseling in HIV, diagnostics and patient management, provision of adequate ARV therapy, provision of social support and psychological help, management of patients with combined infection.
7. Prepared and signed agreement on cooperation among MoH, ministry of Social Development and NCO, 3 orders and 2 methodological letters for normative provision of the improved practices.


The project is implemented with the efforts of interdisciplinary teams of healthcare specialists, social services and NCO activists on the basis of scientific methodology of improvements with the technical, informational and resource support of URC and AIHI.


  • Orenburg oblast
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    Beneficiaries:   Regional centre on prevention and combat AIDS and communicable diseases
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    Project Budget

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    Additional information

    Setting up of a reproducible model of comprehensive psycho-social and medical help to PLWHA, including those with combined HIV infection and TB


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