List of Health Reform Projects
Health Reform Implementation Project for the Russian Federation WB
Financier Counterpart Region Duration/Budget
World Bank (WB)  Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation  Chuvash Republic, Voronezh oblast  18/03/2003 - 30/06/2008 (63.5 months)
30 000 000 USD 
Objectives:  The project will help to determine which changes to scale up and how to do so on the basis of Federal-level guidelines that will be tested at the local level. Strengthening of Federal-level functions will be combined with reforms at the local level, starting with two participating subjects of the Federation - the Republic of Chuvash and the Region of Voronezh.

The Russian health system became highly decentralized in the course of the early 1990s. While Russia's regions have taken a more active role in the sector, many aspects of the relationship between regional and federal levels remain unclear. Also, as a result of limited resources and sometimes outdated practices, the quality of the health care system in Russia needs significant improvement. The old Soviet system emphasized specialists and hospital care, while basic services, such as primary care and preventive measures, were less developed. Now, in a constrained financial environment, it is essential to get the best value for money from the health care system and to make it more responsive to the needs of the population. The Government is providing leadership for this process, in support of which the Health Reform Implementation Project will emphasize high-impact polices and interventions in order to maximize the effects of domestic spending, with a focus on the effectiveness, efficiency and equity of the health system.
  • establish a system of federal regulations required for effective governance and management of the health system;
  • develop and implement strategic approaches to health sector reform in selected regions;
  • strengthen the institutional capacity of the Ministry of Health as a federal executive agency;
  • draw lessons from the implementation of regional programs and disseminate them to other regions;
  • and develop and implement an efficient scheme of restructuring of the health system, with an emphasis on increased access, quality and efficiency of health services that will benefit from direct investment under the project.
Financier Counterpart Region Duration/Budget
    Novgorod oblast  01/01/2001 - 31/12/2003 (36 months) 
Objectives:  The projects aims to provide assistance to Novgorod in restructuring the health services with a focus on development of primary health care services. The project will develop a regional restructuring plan for health services and conduct training activities for key stakeholders with input from the University of Tartu in Estonia. The project is a pilot in a larger World Bank-loan funded Health Reform Implementation Project (HRIP) aiming to develop the technical, regulatory, and institutional framework for a comprehensive health care reform at federal level and in two pilot regions in Russia: Chuvash Republic and Novgorod in cooperation with the federal Ministry of Health with co-financing from Canada and the UK. 
Samara Health System Reform Programme DFID
Financier Counterpart Region Duration/Budget
Department for International Development (DFID)  Municipal Health Commitee of Samara CityHealth and Life Sciences Partnership Consulting (HLSP)  Russian Federation, Samara oblast  01/12/1996 - 01/05/2000 (ongoing project)
2 500 000 EUR 
Objectives:  To improve magamement throughout the regional health system with a view to making it more capable of implementing reforms; to improve health budgeting in Samara region so that polyclinics and hospitals would function within a realistic and equitable budgetary framework; to establish general practice as an important part of primary health care in Samara; to reduce excessive hospitalization; to improve the functioning of emergency services; to support the development of a day surgery department in a medical facility to act as a reform model. 
Support for Health Systems Development EU
Financier Counterpart Region Duration/Budget
European Union (EU), EU-Russia Cooperation Programme (formerly known as Tacis)  Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian FederationМинистерство здравоохравнения и социального развития Самарской областиCommitee of Public Health of Saint PetersburgHealth Department of Kemerovskaya oblastHealth Department of Sverdlovskaya oblastPresident's Medical Centre  Kemerovo oblast, Russian Federation, Saint-Petersburg, Samara oblast, Sverdlovsk oblast  01/01/1995 - 30/04/1998 (40 months) 
Objectives:  To develop GP-based primary health care services in four pilot regions; to develop a management culture in Russian hospitals; to develop a demonstration project on maternal and child health; to develop economic evaluation techniques and operational research skills in the pilot regions; to spread information on the pilot interventions nationally. 
Support to Primary Health Care Strategy Development in the Russian Federation EU
Financier Counterpart Region Duration/Budget
European Union (EU), EU-Russia Cooperation Programme (formerly known as Tacis)  Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation  Moscow  01/08/2003 - 31/10/2004 (15 months) 
Objectives:  (no information received) 
ZdravReform Program USAID
Financier Counterpart Region Duration/Budget
United States Agency for International Development (USAID)    Russian Federation  01/01/1992 - 31/12/1996 (60 months) 
Objectives:  Программа нацелена на сотрудничество с представителями государственной власти как на федеральном, гак и на местном уровнях, а также руководителями и работниками медицинских учреждений в сфере здравоохранения России Предметом сотрудничества служит разработка, внедрение и оценка новых моделей финансирования, организации и управления здравоохранением Конечной целью проводимых мероприятий является повышение экономической эффективности и качества медицинской помощи при сохранении ее доступности для широких слоев населения. Практическая реализация программы “ЗдравРеформ” осуществлялась в 1994-1996 годах американской компанией “Абт Ассоушиэйтс Инк” на основе контракта с Агентством США по международному развитию  
Проект "Политика и управление в здравоохранении Российской Федерации", Чувашская республика CIDA
Financier Counterpart Region Duration/Budget
Canadian Agency of International Development (CIDA)  Ministry of Health of the Chuvash RepublicАвтономная некоммерческая организация     01/04/2004 - 30/06/2007 (39 months)
7 925 561 RUB 
Objectives:  • формирование и реализация региональной политики продвижения здоровья в Чувашской Республике, основанной на принципах стратегии ВОЗ «Здоровье для всех 21» с использованием европейского опыта движения «Регионы – за здоровье», европейского и международного опыта проекта «Здоровые города» и «Здоровые сообщества»; • повышение эффективности работы отрасли здравоохранения на основе реструктуризации системы предоставления медицинской помощи населению Чувашской Республики