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Scientific and practical Internet-conference / 12.5.2011
Scientific and practical Internet-conference \"Science and Innovations in Medicine\" Member Statistics May 12, 2011. Number of participants - 198 Including: Students - 15 Professionals - 21 Postgraduate candidates - 28 Ph.D. - 40 Young scientists - 50 Join now! h... 
Call for papers. SQLab. / 22.9.2008
We glad to invite you to participate in scientific and practical Internet-conference \"Science and Innovation in Medicine - 2010\". Organizer: Research Laboratory \"SQLab. The aim of the conference: introduction of the use of statistical methods to analyze medical data, as well as, attracting ... 
/ 19.9.2008

Conferences and seminars

19/05/2005 The press-conference Viral kinds of hepatitis are the problems of epidemiology, diagnostics, treatment and prophylaxis

The VI All-Russian scientific-practical conference Viral kinds of hepatitis are the problems of epidemiology, diagnostics, treatment and prophylaxis will take place on May 24, 2005 in Moscow.

According to the data of statistics, more than 2 billiard people is infected with hepatitis B on our planet (this makes the third of the planet popularity) and about 350 million people are chronic diseased ones (7-10 of them live in Russia). The virus of hepatitis B is much more contagious than AIDS and can be communicated from a mother to the child; while carrying on medical operations; during sexual intercourse and while accomplishing different non-medical procedures (shaving, tattoo, manicure, etc.).

About 2 million people die of hepatitis B annually.

Nowadays when people travel a lot all over the world the possibility of being infected with viri of hepatitis is very high. The doctors recommend doing preventative inoculations against hepatitis especially before going to countries with low living standards and high density of population (India, South-East Asia, Latin America, some others).

Among common people hepatitis is called the disease of dirty hands its pathogens can be found on dirty fruit and vegetables, in running water.

How much do we need the preventative inoculations? How much effective are they? How much do they cost? All these questions will be given answers by the specialists of the Ministry of Health and Social Development and the Russian Academy of Medical Science during the VI All-Russian scientific-practical conference Viral kinds of hepatitis are the problems of epidemiology, diagnostics, treatment and prophylaxis.

The conference will take place in Moscow, in Kashirskoye Shosse Street, 29, in the Centre of the latest medical and scientific technologies, 205 hall, at 12.00

Full text is available only in the Russian version.

28/04/2005 Scientific-practical conference Tuberculosis and AIDS

The scientific-practical conference TB and AIDS will take part on May 25-26, 2005 in Moscow. The conference will be guided by the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation, Federal Centre of Struggle against TB, Federal Centre of Struggle against AIDS, and international organizations attached to the International Public Health Service Organization.

The topics of the conference are the following: prophylaxis, examination and treatment of people, infected with TB/AIDS; regulations of the services and institutions in treating TB/AIDS; treating both TB and AIDS infected patients; looking after patients, infected with AIDS/TB, consuming injection drugs; national and international experience.

27/04/2005 Russian pharmaceutical producers will get foreign outlet with the help of Bulgaria

The second meeting of the Russian-Bulgarian business-forum took part on April 22-23, 2005 in Sophia (Bulgaria). The forum was supposed to be the binder in business and administrative arrangement of the two countries.

The forum was devoted to the discussing of perspectives of stirring up the bilateral commercial-business actions by the means of getting acquainted with the peculiarities of market of both countries, personal acquaintance among businessmen, and discussing the conditions for effective economic cooperation. The Russian delegation was led by E.M Primakov. During the greeting speech the president of Bulgaria G. Poryvanov mentioned the necessity of bilateral cooperation between Russia and Bulgaria, which have a decent history and true perspectives.

Reforms in the social service sounded the main topic of the round table.
Solving social problems is closely connected with the development of different lines of business, discussed in the current of the forum, claimed Dmitriev, the member of the Department of Social Development and Environment Defense of the Russian Federation,- Russian business markets are completing the strategic function, which is very important to the Bulgarian pharmaceutical companies. The Bulgarian market presents interest to the home pharmaceutical producers not only by the means of its volume (more than 600 million euro), but also as one of the ways of foreign outlet.
The results of the forum are the following: the bilateral declaration, which emphasizes the necessity of making a working group, guiding social service problems of medical preparations, equipment, medication in circulation, has been approved.


Federal State Department Scientific Centre of Expertise of medical preparations and equipment
Bulankina T.V. : .:+7(095)200-3114,


Full text is available only in the Russian version.

23/04/2005 Cisco Systems is organizing a forum on information system employment in medicine

Cisco Systems company is guiding a forum devoted to the employment of information systems in medicine, which will take place on April 27, 2005 in Moscow, in Marriott Royal Aurora hotel, Petrovsky Hall (Petrovka Street, 11/20).

Cisco Systems Company represents its solutions, which allow improving the quality of medical aid rendering, increasing of the profitability of medical institutions, saving the privacy of information about patients, which is actually righted by the Russian legislation.

The ways of improving the effectiveness of work of medical institutions by the means of Cisco IP-networks and JEMYS employment will be demonstrated during the forum.

Videoconference with progressive medical institutions in true time format will show the true value of modern network technologies in the development of medicine. The participants of the forum will get to know the perspectives of modern technologies employment.


Ekaterina Anikeeva phone: (095) 730-7700,


Full text is available only in the Russian version.

21/04/2005 The second All-Russian conference Pharmaceutics and Business

The second All-Russian conference Pharmaceutics and Business will take place on April 22, 2005, in Moscow. The guide of the conference is AH Conferences.

Taking into account the success of the first conference Pharmaceutics and Business, in which 120 delegates has taken part, AH Conferences suggests the plenipotentiary of pharmaceutical companies that they should take part in the Forum 2005. The program of the conference was specially worked out not only to refresh the assumptions of pharmaceutics today but give an opportunity to discuss the tendencies and perspectives of the pharmaceutical market development.

The acting manager of the Department of Pharmaceutics, Science and Education, attached to the Ministry of Health and Social Development Dmitry Reikhart; the Councilor of the Head of the Federal Public Health Service Inspectorate; a speaker the Board of Trade will take part in the conference.

In the Russian version of the text one can find the exact topics of the discussion.

Contacts: phone/fax: (095)967-31-61, e-mail:

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