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Scientific and practical Internet-conference / 12.5.2011
Scientific and practical Internet-conference \"Science and Innovations in Medicine\" Member Statistics May 12, 2011. Number of participants - 198 Including: Students - 15 Professionals - 21 Postgraduate candidates - 28 Ph.D. - 40 Young scientists - 50 Join now! h... Далее
Call for papers. SQLab. / 22.9.2008
We glad to invite you to participate in scientific and practical Internet-conference \"Science and Innovation in Medicine - 2010\". Organizer: Research Laboratory \"SQLab. The aim of the conference: introduction of the use of statistical methods to analyze medical data, as well as, attracting ... Далее
/ 19.9.2008
... Далее

Conferences and seminars

10/09/2007 Всероссийская научно-практическая конференция «Клинические протоколы в общей врачебной практике»

САНКТ-ПЕТЕРБУРГ, 9–10 октября 2007 г.

В соответствии с Распоряжением № 1289-ВС от 22 февраля 2007 года Министерства здравоохранения и социального развития РФ, 9–10 октября 2007 года в г. Санкт-Петербурге состоится Пленум Правления Общероссийской Ассоциации врачей общей практики (семейных врачей). Предполагается участие более 500 делегатов.В рамках Пленума будут проведены: Всероссийская научно-практическая конференция «Клинические протоколы в общей врачебной практике», Совещание специалистов регионов по общей врачебной практике, Совещание заведующих кафедрами семейной медицины.

Полная информация на сайте Ассоциации врачей общей практики

n/a International Union Against Tuberculosis & Lung Diseases Asia Pacific Region (IUATLD-APR)

International Union Against Tuberculosis & Lung Diseases Asia Pacific Region (IUATLD-APR) 1st Asia Pacific Region Conference 2007 «Overcoming An Old Scourge With A New Face (HIV/ТВ Co-Infection)»
Дата: 2007-08-02 -- 2007-08-05

Console Communications Sdn Bhd Suite 13.5, Level 13, Wisma UOA II, 21 Jalan Pinang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
телефон: +603 2162 0566
факс: +603 2161 6560
адрес в Интернет:

30/06/2007 6th ESCMID Summer School

2007-06-30 -- 2007-07-06
Romanian Railway Outpatient Clinic, 2, Dimitrie Onciul 720001 Suceava ROMANIA, Filip R.
roxana_filip@yahoo. com

n/a 2nd WHO and Wellcome Trust workshop on cardiovascular disease

Date: 6-8 June 2007
Place: London, UK

In August 2001, WHO convened an expert consultation in collaboration with the Wellcome Trust to discuss ways of assisting low- and middle-income countries in strengthening health care for people with established cardiovascular disease.

This is a follow-up workshop where experts from low- and middle-income countries as well as industrialized countries will:
review the implementation of large-scale secondary prevention programmes (successful or not) for cardiovascular disease in their countries;
exchange examples of successful research conducted in low-resource settings to help understand what has worked and what has not worked and why; and
increase collaboration among experts for research that is both relevant and competitive.

The workshop will consist of a two-day scientific programme and one day dedicated to the formation of collaborative groups, their interaction and development of proposals.

29/05/2007 All-Russian practical-scientific conference

Federal Public Health Institute (FPHI) plans conducting All-Russian practical-scientific conference “New technologies in contemporary public health” (Moscow, On May 29 to 30, 2007.) in accordance with the plan of the measures Of Ministry of Health Russian Federation (point 72).

The development of new medical technologies is priority direction in the contemporary medical science, but it relates to the larger degree to the medical and diagnostic problems. In the organization of public health this direction as scientific problem is placed for the first time, its consideration at the All-Russian level was not conducted.
Discussion of the following questions is assumed:
Role of priority national project “Zdorovye” in an increase in accessibility and quality of the medical aid to the population of regions;
Scientific the bases of monitoring the system of public health in the priority national project “Zdorovye”
New information and communication line technologies in the system of public health;
New organizational technologies in the protection of motherhood and childhood; Organizational- administrative innovations and the economical- lawful aspects of the organization of public health;
New approaches to the medical statistics and the documentation in public health;
The improvement of the postgraduate education of specialists in the region of public health and public health.

Address of the organization committee: 127254, g. Moscow, Dobrolyubova str., 11 telephones: (495) 618-32-68, 619-76-49 tele-fax: (495) 619-38-40 electronic mail:

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