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Scientific and practical Internet-conference / 12.5.2011
Scientific and practical Internet-conference \"Science and Innovations in Medicine\" Member Statistics May 12, 2011. Number of participants - 198 Including: Students - 15 Professionals - 21 Postgraduate candidates - 28 Ph.D. - 40 Young scientists - 50 Join now! h... 
Call for papers. SQLab. / 22.9.2008
We glad to invite you to participate in scientific and practical Internet-conference \"Science and Innovation in Medicine - 2010\". Organizer: Research Laboratory \"SQLab. The aim of the conference: introduction of the use of statistical methods to analyze medical data, as well as, attracting ... 
/ 19.9.2008

Conferences and seminars

17/03/2005 Exhibition-forum Medicine 2005

The first specialized exhibition-forum Medicine-2005 will take place in Moscow on 12-15 of April 2005.

Conferences New technologies in Medicine and Computer technologies in Medicine will be organized in the course of the exhibition. Reports almost in all areas of national medicine will also be submitted; different conferences, plenary meetings, round tables and seminars are planned.

According to the acted Minister of health and Social Development of the Russian Federation, academic of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences V. I. Starodubov we can create the best system of public health service only by experience and knowledge exchange together with bringing into praxis new technologies.
More than 3000 participants are going to perform.

The ceremony of the grand opening will take place in the exhibition hall of Krokus Expo center on the 12th of April at 12.00 in the hall 1.

Additional information contacts:

The director of the project Lilia Ryabinkina
Phone/ fax: +7(095) 938-9211

Full text is available only in the Russian version.

12/03/2005 The policy of the government in the defense of reproductive health of the working population

Ladies and gentlemen!

Council of experts of the Committee of Social Policy of the Federal Council of Russia suggests that you participate in the round table The policy of the government in the defense of reproductive health of the working population.

It will take place on the 16th of March at 11 oclock in the Building of the Federal Council of the Russian Federation (Bolshaya Dmitrovka Street, 26, room 802, the White Hall).

The problem of saving and improving health of the nation becomes more and more urgent in the connection of worsening in the latest years of the demographic situation in the country. The number of gynecological disorders, complicated cases of pregnancy, delivery is increasing; 15-20% of couples are suffering from sterility.

The number of abortions is very high. The main causes of the infant death rate are problems with mothers health.

Izmerov N., Sivichalova O., Krasnopolskiy V., Logutova L. and some others will take part in the round table.

We ask to confirm your participation:


Kalenov Alexei, Ulyuk Elena


The dead line of the accreditation is the 15th of March.

Full text is available only in the Russian version.

n/a Press-conference Sane information healthy way of living

The press-conference Sane information healthy way of living, which is devoted to the eight Forum Healthy nation is the basis of its flourishing, in the course of the Eighth National Fair Books of Russia will take part on the 9th of March 2005 at 15.00 in All-Russian Exhibition Center.

The topics of the discussion are the following:

The impact of the negative mass media resources on the human being

Cultural and moral aspects in the Mass Media area

The role of a book in the modern world of information


As means of encouragement of publishing MM and publishing houses the organization committee of the Forum prepared special prizes The Territory of Health in different nominations.

The president of All-Russian association League of Healthy Nation Leo Bokeria, Olympic champion Irina Rodnina, the rector of the Moscow State University Victor Sadovnichiy, etc. will participate in the press-conference.

Additional information:

phone number: 299-94-02

n/a Symposium New in dermatology, obstetrics and genecology: science and praxis

The tenth symposium New in dermatology, obstetrics and genecology: science and praxis will be hold on 10-11 of March 2005 in Moscow in the Central Science House.

The press-conference includes the speeches of Professor E. A. Batkaev, senior lecturer E. V. Lipova and other specialists.

During the seminar the following topics will be under discussion:

Infections communicated by sexual intercourse.

Mycosis. Diagnostics and therapy.

New in dermatologic cosmetology: science and praxis.

The press-conference will be hold in the Central scientific house, which can be found in Prechistinka Street, 16, the first floor, the White Hall.

The additional information can be found:

Yulia Maryashkina, phone 141-89-09,

mobile 8-903-770-96-85

Full text is available only in the Russian version.

n/a International Prize Profession-Life

The Worldwide Organization of Health, Fund Assembly of Health attached to the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation, The Ministry of Health of the Kazakhstan Republic, Patriarchy of Moscow and Russia Alexii II, the chairman of the mufti council of Russia Sheikh Ravil Gainutdin in the Hall of the Church Councils of Christ the Savior Cathedral performs the Solemn Ceremony of rewarding of the Laureates of the International Prize Profession-Life in the area of medicine, health and defense of environment on the 9th of April 2005.

The Prize Profession-Life is the international public prize, which is given to organizations and persons for important contribution to science development, technologies of practical medicine, professionalism, high spiritualness and mercy, heroism and self-sacrifice for the sake of saving a humans life.

Among the Laureates of the Prize are: Mukhtar Aliev, Valeriy Shumakov, Leonid Roshal, Alexander Kanovalov, Vera Chudnova, Mikhail Gutseriev, Pochai Laslo, Sekeresh Layosh, Antonius van Moll, the dynasty of doctors Islambekovis, International Green Cross, companies Philips, Protech, etc.
The television version will be broadcasted by the Russian Television.

The Organizational Committee of the Prize:

Address: 117105, the Russian Federation, Moscow, Novodanilovskaya quay, 4, building 3;

Telephone and fax: (095) 975-08-46


Full text is available only in the Russian version.

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