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Scientific and practical Internet-conference / 12.5.2011
Scientific and practical Internet-conference \"Science and Innovations in Medicine\" Member Statistics May 12, 2011. Number of participants - 198 Including: Students - 15 Professionals - 21 Postgraduate candidates - 28 Ph.D. - 40 Young scientists - 50 Join now! h... Далее
Call for papers. SQLab. / 22.9.2008
We glad to invite you to participate in scientific and practical Internet-conference \"Science and Innovation in Medicine - 2010\". Organizer: Research Laboratory \"SQLab. The aim of the conference: introduction of the use of statistical methods to analyze medical data, as well as, attracting ... Далее
/ 19.9.2008
... Далее
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Conferences and seminars

19/04/2005 Press-conference “Federal, social and religious associations about the solution of the problem of AIDS: the perspectives of cooperation”

The press conference, devoted to the results of the International conference “Federal, social and religious associations about the solution of the problem of AIDS: the perspectives of cooperation” will take place on April 20,2005 in the press-center of RIA “Novosti”.

The press conference includes the reports of:

· Goliusov Alexander Timofeevich – the manager of the department of AIDS prophylaxis in the Federal Sanitary Epidemic Inspectorate of the Russian Federation

· Zarraga Tatiana – The All-World Council of Churches

· Prokopenko Mikhail – the prist of the Orthodox Church

· Imam Khatyb Ramil Khozrat Abdulakhatovich – the central theological unit of Mohammedanism

· Others

Contacts: the website of RIA “Novosti”

Full list of names is available only in the Russian version.

n/a XII Russian National Congress “Human and medication”

The XII Russian National Congress “Human and medication”, the exhibition of modern medical preparations, new information technologies and medical items will take part on April 18-22, 2005 in Moscow.

The congress turns out to be the national forum, which unites the leading Russian and foreign scientists, men of public health service, specialists in different areas of medical and pharmaceutical science and praxis.

The main scientific-practical topics for the discussion and the training program of the congress one can learn in the Russian version of the text.

The congress will take place in the Russian Academy of Federal Service attached to the president of the Russian Federation (Vernadsky Boulevard, 84, subway station “Yugo-Zapadnaya”)
Contact phone numbers:

Phone/fax: 267-50-04, 261-22-09

phone: 785-62-72 (information about the scientific part)

phone: 785-62-71 (information about the exhibition)

Full text is available only in the Russian version.

n/a Information technologies in public health service in 2005

Medical Information-Analytical Center of Saint-Petersburg took part in the conference devoted to “Information Technologies in Public Health Service” (href=

The Center invites you to take part in the educational course, where you will be able to get acquainted with subject and departments of MIAC of Saint-Petersburg.

The courses are supposed to start at the end of April.

Additional information:

Phone: (812) 2520212 (812)3803805.

E-male: or,

Contact information: Strukov Denis Raymondovitch

Full text is available only in the Russian version.

28/03/2005 Medical institutes of higher education will join the Bologna Process

The conference of the heads of medical and pharmaceutical institutes of higher education with the assistance of the experts of the International Public Health Service Organization will take place on April 13-15, 2005 in Russia for the first time. The conference is devoted to the future perfection of the university and post-university systems.

The Bologna Declaration formulates the model of the European Institute of Higher Education subject to the traditions of the national educational system.

The perfection of the educational process in the Medical and pharmaceutical institutes of higher education inflicts the quality of medical aid rendering and appears to be the guarantee of successful defense of health on the whole.

The press conference, as the constituent, will take part on April 15, 2005 at 15.00 (Moscow, subway station Trubetskaya, 8 building 2, Moscow Setchenov Medical Academy). Additional information:

phone: (095) 708-39-02, 708-39-04
Goretskaya Marina Remigievna

e-mail:, mobile phone:

(095) 106-0385,
Klimenko Elena

e-mail:, mobile phone: 8-916-673-8950.

Full text is available only in the Russian version.

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