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Global forum addresses solutions to prevent premature deaths / 24.2.2010
24 FEBRUARY 2010 | GENEVA -- The first Global Forum of the Noncommunicable Disease Network (NCDnet) marks the first time WHO has convened key stakeholder groups to address the large-scale and increasing global health and development burden posed by noncommunicable diseases (NCDs). More than 100 peop... Далее
WHO spearheads health response to earthquake in Haiti / 13.1.2010
13 JANUARY 2010 | GENEVA -- The severe earthquake that struck Haiti and the Dominican Republic has inflicted large-scale damage, including on hospitals and health facilities, and large numbers of casualties are feared. Immediate health priorities include: search and rescue of survivors trapped u... Далее
New HIV infections reduced by 17% / 24.11.2009
24 NOVEMBER 2009 | GENEVA | SHANGHAI -- According to new data in the 2009 AIDS epidemic update, new HIV infections have been reduced by 17% over the past eight years. Since 2001, when the United Nations Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS was signed, the number of new infections in sub-Saharan Afr... Далее

Health news

13/06/2006 Minister of Health and Social Development M.Y. Znrabov held briefing for journalists

National project “Health” – is a preliminary stage, a basis necessary for further transformations in the field. First of all, these changes are aimed at strengthening the primary level: increase in salaries, development and implementation of health care provision standards and health equipment provision standards, training, further training, updating qualifications for health workers.
The main problem in the primary level is that now it is only 60% staffed, out of whom - 54% are retired people, who haven’t updated their qualifications for a long time and use in their practice in average 7 out of many thousand modern drugs. “If there is no general practitioner in the area it is impossible to improve health care. The primary level is the basis of preventive work. As long as most money goes to the in-patient care nothing will change. If there is no proper policlinic supervision the demand in in-patient care is constantly growing, therefore the costs are rising” – the Minister of Health explained.
Besides, out of 24 000 graduates from medical schools only 0, 2% came to work in the primary level because there was no interest and motivation for them. Still, in the present year more than 2,500 young specialists will come to work in the primary level due to the national project “Health” which increases these health workers’ salaries.

Speaking about the plans for the near future, Minister M.Y. Zurabov noted that starting from the next year the cost of the birth certificate will rise from 7 to 10 thousand rubles, one thousand of which may be sent to a children’s
policlinic, if a woman wants, so that constant supervision over her child could be performed till the child reaches 18 months. There will be introduced 100% neonatal screening to reveal any innate and inherited illnesses in newborns. 14 hi-tech perinatal centers will be built. “In 2008 we are going to build 14 perinatal centers where we hope to provide health care to all the women with possible non-physiological delivery, delivery with pathology, and medical help to premature babies” – the Minister said at the briefing.
In the future, in the framework of the modernization of the Russian health care system, according to M.Y. Zurabov, it is planned to improve in-patient care, blood services, and the construction of 15 plasma centers all over the country. All these plans will be implemented in the coming 2 or 3 years, after that there will be a smooth transition to a new model of healthcare in Russia.

13/06/2006 Celebration of the Day of Health Worker and ceremony to give awards “Prizvanie” to the best doctors of Russia takes place on July, 15 at the State Kremlin Palace.

3000 doctors from different regions of Russia will came to the celebration of the Day of Health Worker. Among the prize-winners of the award – outstanding doctors from Irkutsk, Vladivostok, Spassk-Dalnii, Barnaul, Ekaterinburg, Samara, Rostov-na-Donu, St.Petersburg, Moscow

n/a June 2 HIV Rapid Tests approved

Экспресс-тест на ВИЧ получил официальное одобрение.
Во вторник 30 мая Управление США по санитарному надзору за качеством пищевых продуктов и медикаментов (FDA) одобрило разработанные компанией Chembio Diagnostics, Inc. (Нью-Йорк, США) экспресс-тесты для выявления ВИЧ. Продукты под названием SURE CHECK HIV 1/2 и HIV 1/2 STAT-PAK могут использоваться клиническими лабораториями и лечебными учреждениями США. Chembio Diagnostics также получила разрешение на продвижение теста на международный рынок.

Эти диагностические наборы обладают высокой степенью чувствительности (99,7% для ВИЧ-1 и 100% для ВИЧ -2) и специфичности (99,9%). Для постановки теста требуется всего 15 минут и 2,5-5 микролитров (1/10 капли) крови. Анализ можно проводить с использованием как цельной капиллярной (получаемой из пальца) или венозной крови, так и сыворотки или плазмы крови.

Тесты SURE CHECK HIV 1/2 и HIV 1/2 STAT-PAK обладают уникально длительным сроком годности – 2 года при температуре до 68 градусов Цельсия.
June 2 HIV Rapid Tests approved
HIV Rapid Tests officially approved
On Tuesday May 30 The United States Food and Drug Administration approved HIV Rapid Test systems developed by Chembio Diagnostics, Inc. (New York, USA). Products under the names of SURE CHECK HIV 1/2 and HIV 1/2 STAT PAK can be used by clinical laboratories and health facilities of the USA. Chembio Diagnostics got permission to promote the tests at the foreign market.
These diagnostic kits are highly sensitive (99, 7% for HIV 1 and 100% for HIV 2) and specific (99,9%). The tests have a rapid turnaround time of approximately 15 minutes. They are safe to use, requiring a very small sample of whole blood (as little as 2,5-5 micro – liters which is approximately 1/10 of a drop of blood), easily obtained with a finger prick. It is for use not only with finger stick whole blood samples but also with venous whole blood, serum and plasma samples
SURE CHECK HIV 1/2and HIV 1/2STAT-PAK has a long shelf life - 2 years at the temperature of up to 68 Degrees C.

31/05/2006 New global alliance seeks to address worldwide shortage of doctors, nurses and other health workers

25 MAY 2006 | GENEVA -- A new global partnership that will strive to address the worldwide shortage of nurses, doctors, midwives and other health workers was launched today. The Global Health Workforce Alliance will draw together and mobilize key stakeholders engaged in global health to help countries improve the way they plan for, educate and employ health workers. Its secretariat will be hosted by the World Health Organization (WHO).

30/05/2006 June,2 “Round table” on smoking issues at the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development of Russia

On May 30 the Ministry of Healthcare and Social Development (located in the building at the Birzhevaya square) hosted a round table on” National Health and lifestyle: consumption of tobacco products as a preventable risk factor. Role of the government and society”

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