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Global forum addresses solutions to prevent premature deaths / 24.2.2010
24 FEBRUARY 2010 | GENEVA -- The first Global Forum of the Noncommunicable Disease Network (NCDnet) marks the first time WHO has convened key stakeholder groups to address the large-scale and increasing global health and development burden posed by noncommunicable diseases (NCDs). More than 100 peop... 
WHO spearheads health response to earthquake in Haiti / 13.1.2010
13 JANUARY 2010 | GENEVA -- The severe earthquake that struck Haiti and the Dominican Republic has inflicted large-scale damage, including on hospitals and health facilities, and large numbers of casualties are feared. Immediate health priorities include: search and rescue of survivors trapped u... 
New HIV infections reduced by 17% / 24.11.2009
24 NOVEMBER 2009 | GENEVA | SHANGHAI -- According to new data in the 2009 AIDS epidemic update, new HIV infections have been reduced by 17% over the past eight years. Since 2001, when the United Nations Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS was signed, the number of new infections in sub-Saharan Afr... 

Health news

11/05/2005 Health resorts will heal your wounds

One will be able to recover his health at the expense of the obligatory social insurance

The order of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation About rehabilitation of patients in health resorts will certainly improve the health state of people experienced serious illnesses.

We advice you not only reading but also saving the text of the document close at hand. None of us or our relatives is insured against serious illnesses, which demand not only timely and qualified treatment but also a compulsory rehabilitation after it.

With a view to perfection the process of recovering in the specialized health resorts at the expense of the obligatory social insurance (quotation) the Ministry of Health and Social Development approved the order of giving assignments directly after the hospital treatment.
This is described in the order in detail. The hospital or the out patients clinic will evaluate the necessity of such after-treatment. The authorization presupposes 24 days at a health resort of the Russian Federation.

Irina Krasnopolskaya

Full text is available only in the Russian version.

n/a The abolition of the compulsory certification will be allowed only next year in Russia

The chairman of the government of the Russian Federation Mikhail Fradkov has signed the enactment, according to which the abolition of the compulsory certification will be allowed only beginning with May 1, 2006, informs the Farmacevtichesky Vestnik newspaper.

The head of the Public Health Service Inspectorate of the Russian Federation Ramil Khabriev commented the resolution in the following way: This date was approve in the hope of forming regional administrational organs of Health Inspectorate by this time, only in this case it will be able to guarantee control over medications and secure their quality.

Unfortunately the preparation and concordance of the enactment are being constantly dragged out, emphasizes Khabriev. Not all problems have been solved thats why the certification is prolonged.

n/a Mikhail Zurabov: The payments increased thrice

On the Eve of Great Victory Day the Minister of Health and Social Development was interviewed by the Rossiyskaya Gazeta newspaper.

RG: Mikhail Yurievitsch, what will be the pleasant surprise to the veterans on the Eve of the Great Victory Day?

Mikhail Zurabov: The support of the veterans isnt datable and momentary. This is the one of the most central responsibilities of the Ministry.

I can only remember that 92 billion rubles was assigned to realize the enactment About veterans in 2005 and this is twice bigger than in the previous year. This very number made it possible to increase pensions and other money payments to the veterans beforehand (and in the first place these are the disabled and participants of the Great Patriotic War, widows of the front-line soldiers, the prisoners of the fascist concentration camps).

After the pension-reform the average volume of a veterans pension reached 5700 rubles (and this is without regional extra charges).

Secondly, beginning with March 1, 2005 to the average volume of a pension 1070 rubles was added to the participants of the Great Patriotic War and 987 rubles to the widows of front-line soldiers

Dear veterans, on the Eve of the Great Holiday let me congratulate you on the Great Victory Day. We all owe to you. And well do everything possible to make you lives more comfortable and to defend your dignity and respect. Happy Victory Day!

Tatyana Smolyakova

Full text is available only in the Russian version.

n/a Public drugstores continue joining

The further actions in joining of the public drugstores of Moscow city into one network were announced on April 27, 2005. The new network Moscow Drugstores has already been foretold to be on the second place after Drugstore Network 36,6.

The tendency of widening commercial drugstore network and joining the public chemists shops into one network gained popularity in the Russian market recently. Thus about 1200 commercial drugstores have been opened in 2004.

According to different data, the yearly sale of an average drugstore reaches 4 5 million rubles, when so-called network drugstores get 23 25 million rubles yearly. This difference in numbers can be explained by the means of selling non-medical goods of course.

It is interesting that the usage of medical goods per person increased on 27 % and thus reached 38,6% in money equivalent.
The experts of the industry about the tendencies and perspectives of retail market development:

Aidar Ishmukhametov, the chairman of Head Council of the Remedium:

The reasons of public drugstores joining are obvious. It is both increase of competitiveness and profitability. It expands the opportunities of additional services, which is very important in vehement competitive strive. As far as Im concerned the introduction of the international standards of service into practice will become an advantage over commercial rivals.

Nastasya Ivanova, the chief manager of National Distribution Company:

Im perfectly sure that such widening of drugstore networks is positive. Though it is rather difficult to foresee the development of the industry within or without a network. Here a lot depends on its location and the competence of the policy.


PR-agency Creative-studio Pressto

Phone: (095) 101-3523 (Elena Kulkova, Yulya Koleda)


Full text is available only in the Russian version.

n/a Surviving Shock

Tatiana Dmitrieva about advantages and disadvantages of the public health service reform

Top secret

Rossiyskays gazeta: Tatiana Borisovna, you used to be the Minister of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation. Haw do you evaluate the changes happening in the social and public health service sphere?

Tatiana Dmitrieva: The thing thats happening now was firstly suggested not by Zurabov and not now. The document, which demanded the commutation of rations on money, appeared in 1997. And it was top secret.

RG: As the Minister you got it.

TD: Of course.

RG: And what was your reaction to it? Did you discuss the document?

TD: The discussion was a kind of formality. The parliament was listening only to itself and gave a hostile reception to any suggestions of the government.

RG: Is the parliament capable of listening to the others now?

TD: It became more or less civilized and can, when its needed, meet half-way.

RG: And has the time for these innovations come? Why are the innovations given a hostile reception? Why are they so painful?

TD: It happens because any even the most perfect idea can be ruined. It happened so that these innovations pointed on our disability to plan things. And first of all it is our disability to understand the primitive things as the reaction to changes. Two documents were approved simultaneously money for commutation of rations and New Year Holiday ten days holiday.


RG: I cant get the interconnection between these two facts.

TD: You see, instead of realization of the new reform the whole country had hibernation. Its nonsense. Just imagine a person comes back home after New Year celebrations and cant get into bus, trolleybus and subway. It turns out that while he was celebrating, new times came. Im psychiatrist and can diagnose: it was a shock reaction to stress.

RG: It turns out to be that we still havent got used to the shock therapy?

TD: It is impossible. Besides the constant expectation of unpleasant things, the government can do, runs in the blood of the Russian. And unfortunately the government justified these expectations as usual.

RG: Do you believe we really need such a reform?

TD: Yes. Today when we all want to be free people in the free country we should give up beneficial tips. Its another thing that the government ought to defend people especially in the transition. We should have thought about possible problems beforehand and prepared our citizens to the further changes.

RG: But it didnt happen, did it?

TD: It didnt.

Irina Krasnoposlkaya

Full text is available only in the Russian version. The information about how the changes in the situation with free medications can improve the health of people and the state of social, labor and some other spheres one can find in the Russian version of the text.

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