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Global forum addresses solutions to prevent premature deaths / 24.2.2010
24 FEBRUARY 2010 | GENEVA -- The first Global Forum of the Noncommunicable Disease Network (NCDnet) marks the first time WHO has convened key stakeholder groups to address the large-scale and increasing global health and development burden posed by noncommunicable diseases (NCDs). More than 100 peop... Далее
WHO spearheads health response to earthquake in Haiti / 13.1.2010
13 JANUARY 2010 | GENEVA -- The severe earthquake that struck Haiti and the Dominican Republic has inflicted large-scale damage, including on hospitals and health facilities, and large numbers of casualties are feared. Immediate health priorities include: search and rescue of survivors trapped u... Далее
New HIV infections reduced by 17% / 24.11.2009
24 NOVEMBER 2009 | GENEVA | SHANGHAI -- According to new data in the 2009 AIDS epidemic update, new HIV infections have been reduced by 17% over the past eight years. Since 2001, when the United Nations Declaration of Commitment on HIV/AIDS was signed, the number of new infections in sub-Saharan Afr... Далее

Health news

n/a To the drugstores with no queues

The number of the prescribed free facility medications will be increased.

The list of the facility medications has been widened from 1800 up to 2500 names.

However the Ministry of Health and Social Development doesn’t think that there will be any kind of hullabaloo. “We don’t think that there will be a shocking increase in the number of the prescribed facility medications”, claims Mikhail Zurabov the Minister of Health and Social Development. According to him, the situation concerned the prescription of medications to the facility having people became normal. At that he declared the following figures: in January of 2005 – 4,5 million prescriptions; in February – 7; during the latest months – 10.

The widening of the list has been appointed at the beginning of summer, when the quantity of turns usually decreases. Thus the government supposes to make this innovation less hurting and remarkable both for the doctors and for the patients.

Among different kinds of projects the Minister named the availability of public health service to all categories of citizens.

Tatiana Krykova

Full text is available only in the Russian version.

31/05/2005 The Minister of Health and Social Development to the president about the wages and pensions

Yesterday the president of the Russian Federation held a discussion with the Minister of Health and Social development on the topic of the most hurting problems: wages, pensions and other social problems. The Minister claimed that the wages to state employees will have been increased on 10% by September 1, 2005, and the average volume of an earned pension will reach 4 thousand rubles. Not by the September of course, but by 2008.

According to the Ministry of Health and Social Development, the fees to the state employees will rise on third. As for pensioners, the pensions will be increased on 400 rubles. The optimistic Minister is sure that the budget deficit will not be able to influence these rises of the fees. However the Minister didn’t mention the means, by which the government is going to eliminate the budget gap.

This Friday the Minister had a meeting with mothers of disabled children. The Ministry of Health and Social Development is going to reestablish the free passage to these children to let them undergo courses of medical treatment in federal hospitals.

Tatyana Efremenko

Full text is available only in the Russian version.

20/05/2005 Council of the Federation is going to take care of children

Council of the Federation is going to pass a number of bills, settling the questions of education and medicine, informs us the reporter of Boris Shpigel, the acting chairman of the Committee of the Federation in science, culture, education, public health service and ecology emphasized the bill, concerning the health defense of children and adolescents, as the situation is very urgent. .

He announced it during the All-Russian conference “The health of the Russian citizens. The problems of legislative ensuring”. According to the data represented by Shpigel, the children population decreased on 5 million people. .

A lot of psychological, physical sanitary problems are caused by school organization.
According to the data of monitoring about 70 thousand of school children get cardio-vascular, gastric, eye and ear illnesses during their studying at school. The illness of endocrine system increased in 5 times and the cases of TB (tuberculosis) in 2 times.

Full text is available only in the Russian version.

18/05/2005 High retribution for low prices

Intoxication with tobacco is the leading cause of death of a nowadays human being.

In his application to the Federal Assembly the president of Russia Vladimir Putin was speaking about the revival of the prophylaxis, as the tradition of the Russian medical school. According to the data of the International Bank, the increase of prices on tobacco goods on 10% lessened the number of smokers on 36 million people, and the number of dead of smoking on 9 million people in the countries with high public income.

Speaking about our country, a country with low public income, the urgency of this problem is represented by the following figures. About 267 cases of death, caused by smoking were registered in 2000. It makes 22,7 % of all cases of death of men population in Russia.
This can be easily explained. About 381 billion of cigarettes and cigars are produced in the country annually. At that 40% of them cost not more than 5 rubles and 10% not more than 10 rubles per pack.

One needn’t to study psychology to suppose that having got his five or ten rubles a schoolboy will for sure meet an unknown number of adds, in which a cigarette in one’s mouth is an integral part of any successful businessman. Admiring it without noticing the paltry sign “The Ministry of Health warns you”, the very schoolboy will go to any stall, where he’ll be able to buy cigarettes with no difficulties.

Tobacco intoxication is the leading but eliminable cause of death of a nowadays human being. Thus the decrease of smoking is equated (in price and effectiveness) to the most progressive means of prophylaxis of chronic non-contagious diseases, reduction of death rate and the prolongation of life interval.

The tobacco manufactures are prohibited to participate in charity, financing of sport actions in enlightened Europe, with the intention to deprive them of positive image.

Our country is exclusion.
Gennady Onischenko, the Head sanitary inspector of the Russian Federation

Full text is available only in the Russian version.

18/05/2005 The Ministers will answer for birth rate. The Prime divided the responsibility among all.

In his application to the Federal Assembly the president of Russia Vladimir Putin criticized the red tape, calling it “an arrogant caste, holding the state service for business”. Actually this was the cause of several commissions, striking for perfection of fiscal policy and other kinds of taxation business.

No one could avoid responsibility. For example the Prime Mikhail Fradkov put four ministers and the prime deputy minister at the head responsible for growth of birth rate in our country. Until November 15 the Minister of Health and Social Development Mikhail Zurabov, the President of the Board of Trade German Gref, Secretary of the Treasury Alexei Kudrin, the head of the government Sergey Narishkin and the vice-prime Alexander Zhukov will be responsible for working out the measures favorable to growth of birth rate, improvement of children’s up-bringing, etc. They are also responsible for decrease of dipsomania in the country. After fulfilling such a complicated program the ministers are suggested thinking over the healthy way of living.

Undoubtedly hardly any will envy Alexei Kudrin. He’ll have to share the responsibility in more than the half of all the commissions. But the last 15 one concerns only the Secretary of the Treasures. Kudrin will have to prepare the necessary suggestions on increasing wages to the non-commercial employees and military men till December 1, 2005.

If to suppose that the government fulfills the very 15 commissions, there is good news for migrants. In particular, the Cabinet is loyal to work over some mistakes and approve measures on working out additional grounds of decreasing the period of getting Russian citizenship.

Elena Lashkina

Full text is available only in the Russian version.

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