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Health news

25/02/2005 The Ministry of Health and Social Development will share the full powers in the connection of privileges

Archangelsky region and the Ministry of Health and Social Development are going to share the full powers in the realization of Act of Privileges.

According to the Minister of Health and Social Development Mikhail Zurabov, the Ministry will save only the controlling function. Again, according to him, the agreement will be signed on the 28th of February.

Mikhail Zurabov visited a number of social institutions and made a meeting with the headmasters of these institutions and representatives of the region administration.

As it was mentioned, the realization of Act of Privileges is satisfactory except matters concerning medical ensuring. According to the Minister, because of the weak computerization of the medical institutions of the region, the reserves are overfilled but the drugstores “can’t even get the most primary medicines”.

Mikhail Zurabov left Archangelsk for Murmansk, where he visited out patients’ clinics and hospitals. Today he has got acquainted with the present course of the realization of the law in Petrozavodsk and Kaliningrad.

On the 14th of February the government crowned the situation. The Prime Mikhail Fradkov confessed that the government of the Russian Federation “is just trying to take the realization of the law under control”. He emphasized that the government should use all its powers and opportunities to take control of the situation, in particular the problem of medical ensuring.

After it the headmaster of the Ministry of Health and Social Development Mikhail Zurabov reported on the results of the monitoring. According to his data, about 3,6 thousand people made an application to get natural privileges instead of money payments.

Full text is available only in the Russian version.

22/02/2005 Aspirin insurance

How will cash assets, assigned for ensuring of privileged people with medicines, be used

The execution of the program of medicine ensuring is based on insurance principle. There will be no restrictions of the quantity or price of the prescribed medicines; the assigned cash assets (350 rubles per person) will be distributed depending on the needs of this or that person.

The tenth of all money will not be given to the regions at once – it will be “reserved”. In case of any financing problems in a region (in the connection of medicine ensuring program) this reserve will be used to improve the situation.

Still there are a lot of claims, concerning overcharge, to some medicine producers, who participate in the program. As it turned out, they decided to take into account both inflation and possible risk expenses: this will not work out.

Besides, the list of medicines will be reconsidered. It should be expanded – not all the necessary medicines have been included. The organizations, which allowed ungrounded overcharge, are warned about possible restrictions right up to exclusion from the Federal program.

Irina Nevinnaya

Full text is available only in the Russian version.

22/02/2005 Explosion insurance. Social one

The parliament and the government will organize unified headquarters to discuss the Act of Privileges

The specialists of the Ministry of Health and Social Development have prepared a prior analysis of the situation, concerning the ensuring of privileged people with medicines. Yesterday’s meeting of the upper chamber was devoted to this problem.

According to the data of the Ministry of Health and Social Development, there are about 14 million privileged people, who have the right to be given free medicines, in the country. The Federal Government assigned about 51 billion rubles for provision of these people with medicines. However the reform could be ruined because of the sluggishness of the regional executers.

The purchase of medicines in the regions goes at a slow pace, though all necessary means are being given by the Ministry of Finances. Besides, the list of drugs ought to be corrected. According to the acting Minister of Health and Social Development Vladimir Starodubov, this list will have been changed and extended by the end of March.

The list will be renewed every six months. Besides, those medicines, which are not provided for by the dealers, though they should, will be excluded from the list.
The parliament recommends organizing drugstores attached to out patients’ clinics and providing them for drugs, which are necessary for privileged people. Besides, the senators together with the members of Parliament are going to organize unified headquarters to gain monitoring of the Act of Privileges in force.

The leaders of the clearing house are going to check up, how the regional administrations spend money, assigned by the federal administration for purchase of medicines. The results of this work will be reckoned up at the end of March.

Dmitry Vladimirov

Full text is available only in the Russian version.

21/02/2005 The Ministry of Health will reconsider the list of privilege medicines in March

By the end of March the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation will have reconsidered the list of medicines, assigned to the privileged people at reduced prices. It was announced by the acting Minister of Health and social Development of the Russian Federation Vladimir Starodubov.

“By the end of March the new list will have been approved”, he said. The acting Minister mentioned that some regions are for extension of the list, others ask to cut it down. “Still the majority of regions are for its extension”, he claimed. At the beginning of March the Ministry of Health will send its suggestions concerning the changes to the regions, get the answers and consult the high authorities in this area.

The list will be corrected according to the number of the diseases prevailed among disabled people. Besides, those medicines, which are not provided for by the dealers, though they should, will be excluded from the list.

According to the acting Minister of Health, the new list will remain in force at least for half a year. He emphasized that by October it will be possible to approve another one, which takes account of the experience and statistics of using medicines by the privileged people.

17/02/2005 Drugstore, street, Minister

Mikhail Zurabov inspects the Southern state region

The Minister of Health and Social Development Mikhail Zurabov reached the Southern state region. At first he visited Rostov and Volgograd and then left for Stavropoulos, Krasnodar and Astrakhan. The function of these visits is to check up the way of realization of the Act of Privileges.

On the whole, according to Zurabov, the regulations, which cause troubles in some regions, are being realized rather successfully in Rostov. Besides we are speaking about the creation of the new system of social defense, that’s why the citizens are trying to test the capacity of the government in accomplishing the law.
It’s obvious that the medical men have to work practically twice more. Mikhail Zurabov appreciated the work of the governor of the Rostov region Vladimir Chub in the social policy area.

After the meeting in the administration of the Rostov region the Minister of Health and Social Development left for Volgograd, where he personally examined reservations of drugstore network and the presence of medicines for privileged people.

The situation in Volgograd appeared to be more or less urgent in comparison with Rostov, mentioned the Minister. The unsatisfied inquiry for medicines exceeds 40 %.

The Ministry of Health and Social Development took the first steps in putting everything in order at the end of the last week. The government together with the medicine producers approved an agreement, which provides the sale of medicines at the prices that commercial drugstores do.

Valeria Podorozhnaya

Full text is available only in the Russian version.

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